Employment Attorneys

At Alexander Law Firm, our employment lawyers in Austin Texas have many years of experience dealing with disputes in the workplace. We’ve developed a thorough understanding of the laws governing employment in Texas and beyond to ensure your rights are protected. Specific state and federal statutes protect employees from wrongful termination and discrimination in the workplace; our knowledge of and ability to navigate applicable statutes, regulations and policies can be put to work on your behalf.

A changing environment

Employment Attorneys Austin TXCompetition and the evolving economic landscape have made job changes commonplace. This new environment can produce serious disputes between employers and employees.

We provide counseling and litigation in a number of areas concerning the employment relationship. Whether you are an employer in need of immediate advice and consultation or an employee whose job may be in jeopardy, we can help you. If you need a trial lawyer in Austin Texas, then we can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding:

Wrongful Termination

Texas is an “at will” employment state. “At-will” employment means an employee can be let go unexpectedly – either with cause or for no reason at all. For this reason, many Texas employees believe they have no recourse; but wrongful termination laws do provide some protection. You cannot legally be let go for any of these reasons:

  • as the result of discrimination, or for reporting discrimination in the workplace
  • as retaliation for reporting employer wrongdoing or refusing to participate in unlawful practices
  • for reporting sexual harassment or participating in an investigation
  • for reporting wage violations

Wrongful termination cases can be difficult to handle, depending upon the seriousness of the claim and complexities of the case. We will seek prompt dispute resolution and/or compensation, negotiate wrongful termination settlements if beneficial or handle discrimination/retaliation lawsuits against employers when necessary. If you are the employer defending a claim of wrongful termination, costs and expenses can climb quickly. You will benefit from prompt investigation and collection of evidence.

Employment Discrimination

Federal and Texas laws prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, disability, pregnancy, membership in the armed forces and, in some areas, sexual orientation. If you’ve been denied employment, passed up for promotion or harassed on the basis of discrimination, we will help you understand your rights and help you find resolution.

If your company has been accused of employment discrimination, we will investigate the facts and  work with you to fight unfair accusations.

Non-Compete and/or Non-Disclosure Agreements

In nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), the signing parties agree to protect the confidentiality of certain trade secrets. NDAs can be used to protect a company’s information not generally known to the public – product design know-how, future venture ideas,  software code and more.

Non-compete agreements restrict employees from working for a company’s competitors. These agreements are often included in independent contractor agreements; sometimes they’re used in conjunction with NDAs.

Whether you are an employer requiring confidentiality of staff through these contracts, or an employee being asked to sign one, we can prepare, review, negotiate or litigate on your behalf. These agreements can complicate job changes and hiring new employees or contractors.

Professional Employer Issues

As your company creates policies in employment, we can help you ensure they adhere to state and federal laws and protect your electronically stored information (ESI) from misuse and theft.

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

Disputes often arise over employee benefits that include pension and profit sharing plans, retirement benefits and other employer sponsored health and welfare plans. Employer trustees or investment advisors may breach their fiduciary duties, causing loss or damage to these plans and the funds entrusted to them.  Since 1974, this area of law has been governed by a federal statute, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”).

Richard and Meghan Alexander of The Alexander Law Firm can evaluate and litigate difficult or complicated ERISA claims on behalf of employer trustees, as well as employee claimants in federal and state courts. Feel free to contact The Alexander Law Firm for any employment law concerns you might have.