Estate Planning, Employment Law, Electronic Discovery, White Collar, Business Law & Trial Attorney

The Alexander Law Firm is a full service practice with nearly forty years of combined experience in multiple legal fields. We are attorneys and legal counselors with a broad range of expertise in Texas and federal law.

Attorneys Richard (“Rickey”) W. Alexander and Meghan Alexander are highly qualified, responsive to and conscious of each client’s immediate needs, ultimate goals and current financial situation. We leverage our sound legal knowledge across a wide range of practice areas, including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Probate Law
  • E-Discovery
  • White Collar Issues
  • Business Law
  • Trial Attorney

We solve problems. Whether you’re dealing with a business dispute or personal matter, facing workplace issues, responding to a subpoena or planning your family’s future, our attorneys will provide strategic advice and pursue litigation and other solutions on your behalf. We will use our full resources to resolve your particular issue in the quickest and most beneficial way possible.

We protect our clients. We pride ourselves on the personal care we give to both business and individual clients. We will aggressively protect your interests and provide you with the best possible legal counsel you can receive, whatever your issue may be.

We take action. We are not afraid to take decisive action when warranted. We will take the necessary steps at the right time, based on your objectives and our careful analysis of the laws that apply. We develop close relationships with our clients, and will stay in touch with you as your needs change. We will help you take on new ventures, address changing family dynamics, or face complex business and real estate transactions – whatever your legal challenges, we will help you face them.

We get creative. At the Alexander Law Firm, our principal goal is to provide each client with the best representation possible. Sometimes this requires all available resources and a little bit of imagination. All options will be explored. We know how to solve tough problems, and we’re not afraid to get creative.

We welcome new clients and professional relationships. Take a look at our biographies and practice areas, and contact us for a consultation or assistance. Our attorneys and staff are here to represent you, and we are ready to go to work for you.