Electronic Discovery Attorney

Businesses of all sizes rely on electronically stored information (ESI) to conduct transactions and manage communications. When disputes, investigations or lawsuits arise, having an electronic discovery attorney may become crucial. Your company must preserve all essential ESI that concerns a particular controversy, but this is difficult to manage without clear policies for getting rid of huge quantities of non-essential business information that will require significant of time and money to search when specific information is requested.

A changing landscape

The use of ESI has changed the legal landscape, and has become a difficult legal issue for CEOs, HR departments and IT groups of both small and large companies.

The best solution—often overlooked until too late—is to implement proactive e-document preservation policies and procedures up front, retaining business-essential ESI and routinely culling useless ESI before it becomes a liability. Such a policy requires legal expertise to establish and enforce.

On the cutting edge

The attorneys at Alexander Law Firm has remained on the leading edge of developing legal principals in e-discovery law. We can help you identify and avoid pitfalls in e-discovery preparedness – before litigation is even an issue.  Richard Alexander routinely lectures on the subject of e-discovery, and relies upon his litigation experience to create and implement reasonable policies.

Using ESI strategically in evidence development

In a developing dispute, we will access and use ESI strategically both to develop your evidence and attack the credibility of your opponent’s proof. Early assessment and preservation of significant ESI can often determine the outcome of a case or controversy. We can help you with estate planning in Austin.