Picking the Right Structure for Your Business

As we noted in our last post, there are four main business structures to choose from when starting a business in Texas. How do you decide which one is best for your business? According to the IRS, no structure is any better than the other, however, there are significant benefits and disadvantages to each one which will vary based on your needs. Working with an experienced business attorney will ultimately help you to determine how to establish the correct structure. Here are some things to … [Read more...]

Selecting a Business Structure in Texas

Before starting a business, it’s important to determine the organizational structure. The structure you choose will not only affect your overall business strategy, but will also dictate taxes and other liabilities. There are numerous financial implications to consider with each business structure; therefore it is recommended that you consult with an experienced business attorney in order to determine the best structure for your business. In Texas, there are four main business structures to … [Read more...]

Establishing a Business Partnership? Be Safe!

When planning to start a business in a partnership with another person, it is important to meet with an experienced attorney to draw up a written partnership agreement. This step is vital no matter who your business partner is. Strong friendships or personal connections are not enough to overcome the many obstacles that businesses face. Make sure that you are protected and get a written agreement. The Agreement The written agreement will help to clarify three key areas: compensation, exit … [Read more...]

Starting a Business? Hire an Attorney.

During the start-up phase, many prospective business owners wonder if they really need to hire an attorney.  They may be intimidated or worry about the costs. However, starting a new business, or even expanding an existing one, can be complex. Hiring an attorney is crucial and it means that you have given your business the best possible start without worries about possible legal missteps that could hinder future development. Having an experienced business attorney helping you along the way means … [Read more...]