Important Documents You Need Now About

In the event of a serious injury or accident, it is vital that you have several key documents in place so that your loved ones know your desires for medical care. If you are too ill or seriously injured to tell them and there are no directives in place, the decisions will be left up to loved ones and may not be the choices you desired. The following steps should be taken now to ensure that you and your family are aware of your wishes should a situation in which you are incapacitated arises. … [Read more...]

What is a Living Will?

A living will is a legal document which informs your loved ones and medical staff of your wishes for treatment in the event that you are injured or diagnosed with a terminal or irreversible condition. Also known as a physician’s directive or an advance directive, once a living will has been executed it should become part of your medical record so that any health care professionals who treat you will be aware of your wishes for care. Your living will only takes effect in the event that you are … [Read more...]