Civil Trial Attorney & Litigation Firm

Richard Alexander is a seasoned Austin Texas trial attorney who brings a wealth of experience and know-how to the table for all of his cases, in Austin and beyond. His considerable knowledge and thorough understanding of the process will be put to good use as he observes your legal situation and objectively identifies the factors most likely to determine its outcome.

As a business lawyer and civil trial attorney, tempered by decades of in-court trial experience with judges and juries, Rickey can asses what is likely to become admissible evidence in court, and which witnesses to an event will be most influential. His focus and clarity begin early in the process and allow him to offer you a broad perspective as he lays out your options.

Some of Rickey’s court actions have included:

State courts

Trial and judgment for theft against company accountant who embezzled money and stole mineral interests; recovery of assets through tracing and imposition of constructive trust.

Jury trial verdict and judgment in favor of international restaurant franchise against plaintiff local developers claiming fraud in obtaining restrictive covenant on use of adjoining land.

Jury trial verdict and judgment against franchisor for sale of trademarks and proprietary trade secrets that he did not own or control.

Jury trial verdict and judgment against real estate company for deceptive trade practices damages for sale of property based on misrepresentation of boundaries by landscaping.

Jury trial verdict and judgment against manufacturer in dealer termination for damages.

On behalf of business and individual plaintiffs, jury trial verdict for libel and judgment for civil damages against television station and investigative news reporter for news series on improper awards of state copier rental contracts.

Jury verdict and judgment for malicious prosecution and recovery of actual and punitive damages against federally immunized witness and their companies on behalf of plaintiff company owner.

Federal courts 

Invalidation of stock restrictions on sale of steel company to low bidder under court order after trial in bankruptcy court and appeals to district court and Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Obtained rulings in bankruptcy proceedings that state judgment debts for deceptive trade practices against seller of exotic livestock could be discharged in bankruptcy.

Defeated temporary injunction to close manufacturer of tire repairs for unfair trade practices.

Defeated temporary injunction to close manufacturer of electronic stun guns for patent infringement violations.

Obtained temporary restraining order against federal agency enforcement of railway regulations on vintage locomotives.